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May 4, 2021

Become The Boss of Your Life: Meet Sahreen Quadir, Founder of Boss Up

By Emily Merrell 

While many people want to be “the boss”, it takes quite a bit of planning and thoughtfulness to become the boss of their own lives. It takes a dash of inner work and oftentimes an outside push that helps guide the transformation. Sahreen was living a normal life, one that was stressed and filled with unhealthy patterns. It took her own self journey to realize how many people could benefit from “bossing up” their own lives. Learn more about Sahreen and how this gal from the Bronx is changing lives. 

Sahreen Quadir, founder of Boss Up with Sahreen. Courtesy of Apto Media.
Sahreen Quadir, founder of Boss Up with Sahreen. Courtesy of Apto Media.

SDS: How did you go from retail to becoming the founder of Boss Up with Sahreen? Tell us about your journey. 

SAHREEN QUADIR: I worked in retail for over 15 years and managed multiple businesses. I was very successful at my job. But I was burnt out and I was always stressed about work. My lifestyle was not healthy – I was in a toxic, violent relationship. My mental and physical health were compromised. I didn’t know my self-worth but I knew I needed to make a change, so I committed to doing the inner self-work. So, I took a leap of faith and became a certified coach. I use my personal experience and my management background to guide entrepreneurs into gaining control of their businesses and  Bossing Up!

SDS: What is the biggest piece of advice for someone wanting to pivot their business or career? 

SQ: My advice is to trust yourself and look at your own track record of accomplishments to gain confidence. Ask yourself honestly, “When have I let myself down?” Life is not timeless, it’s important to have a career that aligns with your purpose. Change your set of beliefs and chase your dreams. 

SDS: What does it mean to “Boss Up” your life? 

SQ: Haha, Bossing Up is a lifestyle – it means to live authentically, being unapologetically you, living life with confidence, being a badass b****, showing up every day for yourself, walking in a room and owning your presence. 

SDS: For those that are new to thinking about hiring a coach, do you have any advice on how to make the best choice for their needs? 

SQ: If you are searching for a coach, make sure to ask them questions that align with what you need. Reach out to your network to learn about their experiences with coaches or ask for referrals. Don’t let coaches bully you into working with them – if it doesn’t feel right, politely let them know or tell them you want to research more before making a commitment to their program. 

Learning to live authentically with Sahreen Quadir. Courtesy of Apto Media.
Learning to live authentically with Sahreen Quadir. Courtesy of Apto Media.

SDS: What are some challenges you’ve seen with leaders you’ve worked with and what are some things we can do to combat those things? 

SQ: A common challenge for leaders is confidence, trusting their intuition about decisions. My advice is to know your authority and own it. Believe that you are an expert in your field and allow yourself to connect with your feminine divine because it will guide you. 

SDS: What’s next for Boss Up? Any exciting offerings or events coming your way? 

SQ: I have a lot of exciting things coming up!  

  • I will offer a free workshop on May 5th, the link will be available in my IG bio. I’m sharing how you can channel your inner BOSS! 
  • I am starting an IG live series every Friday at 12pm EST starting April 23rd where I will have guest speakers each week share insight and tips on nutrition, business and lifestyle! 
  • You can also catch me at Clubhouse every Tuesday at 12pm EST sharing tips and tricks on networking – as well as discussing culture, career and entrepreneurship.

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