Imagine if we were taught to love our bodies versus judging it? How different would womxn be in expressing their authentic selves? Charlie Henderson founded her business as a way to help women deepen their relationship to self. Dive in and see what that means and learn how Charlie changes lives. 
Networking can be SO superficial and surface level. You can be passed over by someone because your name tag doesn’t show that you are an amazing potential connection. However, networking done right should be less about transactions and more about relationship building. You should build your relationship while you don't need anything and tap it when you do. Here are my 4 favorite tips to create deeper connections.
What does a religious cult, a rebellious girl and an abusive father all have in common? Keele Burgin. Keele Burgin’s life is like a thriller. While reading her book, I had to keep reminding myself that her book was non-fiction. Despite a wild childhood, Keele is one of the most incredible and inspiring humans I’ve yet to meet. She is also the founder of B Tribes, a community that inspires women. Learn more about Keele, her book and how she’s changing the world. 
vents we hosted, we are narrowing down the best practices on how to maximize your time at an event. Including the networking advice no one tells you.
I decided to write a letter to my son before he started high school. I started to think about all the pressure he may face (and all the pressure I may face). I wanted him to know that he shouldn't let himself be measured by "things". I wanted him to know that he is not his grades, he is not his sports, he is not the college to which he eventually gets accepted. He is not any of those things...He is him and he is perfect.  But as I started to think about the letter and what I wanted to say, I realized I'm writing to myself as much as I  am writing to him! And maybe you can relate too...
Have you ever spent hours looking at your computer just trying to figure out what the heck you need to work on? Here are our tested and true productivity techniques that we do daily to make our days that much more productive and to walk away working less time, expending less energy and working smarter not harder. 
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