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Raise your virtual hand if you’ve been burned out or are currently burned out? Katina Mountanos experienced the symptoms of burnout when she started her corporate high-profile job. It wasn’t until she made her musings about adulthood public that she realized that she wasn’t alone in navigating the challenges that weren’t discussed. From leaving corporate to growing a bustling online community and business, her voice has reached the hands and eyes of readers with her new book On Adulting. However, Katina is continuing her fight against burnout culture with her newest endeavor Daydreamers HQ, where she’s using creative tools (think pastels and acrylic paints) to rewire the brain.
Have you ever done a Dry January? Oh you know, a whole month where you trade booze for delicious mocktails to heal your liver and prove to yourself that you can live life to the fullest booze free. Living a dry month is becoming more of a lifestyle, especially for the “sober curious”. Brands are releasing more alcohol alternatives and combos to get that same buzz without regret. After living a life of glamour with nights out and red carpets, Hilary Sheinbaum was swayed to take a stab at a Dry January. That month evolved into a tradition and ultimately a book. Learn more about her journey from starting the challenge to writing about it.
A Mastermind is a group of committed entrepreneurs, leaders, and freelancers interested in taking their business to the next level in an expansive way—meaning more income, hiring, delegating.
Learn the tools necessary to communicate in a proper way. Improve your communication skills
If I could be a spokesperson for a brand, it would be Consciously. Shopping feels guiltless when you know the items you are buying align with your values. Consciously is the anti “fast fashion”. All of the brands are hand vetted by founder Maisa Mumtaz-Cassidy to ensure they align with the brand's values. Bangladesh raised Maisa is an advocate for the fair treatment of factory workers and the advancement of conscious consumerism.
A lot of companies are planning for a post-pandemic future and have an opportunity to stay working remotely. Here you will find the best way to adapt to your remote job
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