are answers for your kid! Dr. Elham Raker is the official “Ask Dr. Mom” who has leveraged her experience as a pediatrician to help parents navigate the “shoulds” of motherhood. 
It can be hard to stand out in the workforce and easy to assume that your boss has your best interests at heart and that everyone is a mind reader about what you're working on and achieving. Like everything in your life, you have to be a self-advocate for yourself. In this article, we will share 5 tips for advocating yourself at work and how to level up at your job.
How important is creativity in your life? If your job is your life, carving time for creativity is just as important - yet how? Ali Hall works a successful and intense job during the day and finds time to fill her life with creative projects from painting to flower arranging. Rather than doing it for herself, she’s made it her mission to empower and encourage others to tap into their inner creativity. Learn more about Ali Hall and her platform Design With Ali. 
We have all heard about imposter syndrome but what about the comparison trap? You know, when you look at social media and you see a girl you went to college crushing life. Flying first class, printing money with all of her clients and her husband is SO HUNKY. 
Imagine if money was part of your holistic wellness journey? That it was just as important as you taking care of yourself and cherishing it and nourishing it the same way you did your mind and body. Morgan Blackman of Holistic Bucks does just that. She marries all parts of your journey together. Learn more how Toronto based Morgan Blackman started investing and teaching others. 
Ugh, networking, the most dreaded business word out there-- well maybe taxes are the worst. While you know you should network, for personal networking and business networking purposes, I'm going to tell you why you really NEED to network and the benefits of networking. So stop scrolling professional networking sites and listen up. 
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