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Imagine a place where business owners can come together and learn from one another. The power to give back to organizations can make a huge difference! Meet Carrie Murray, the founder of The BRA Network, an organization that brings together women of all backgrounds for community support and gatherings. Learn more how Carrie has made a difference in the lives of many - with some cheeky puns along the way.
Discover how to increase productivity and become more efficient at work.
While many people want to be “the boss”, it takes quite a bit of planning and thoughtfulness to become the boss of their own lives. It takes a dash of inner work and oftentimes an outside push that helps guide the transformation. Sahreen was living a normal life, one that was stressed and filled with unhealthy patterns. It took her own self journey to realize how many people could benefit from “bossing up” their own lives. Learn more about Sahreen and how this gal from the Bronx is changing lives
Moms are givers most of the time, and since Mother’s day is approaching, this is the perfect time to ‘give back’ to your mom and show some appreciation with a meaningful gift. This is also the perfect time, especially in regards with the current situation, to support a small business as well. When buying from a small business, you can expect the gift will be crafted with special attention, which is a perfect way to show your love and appreciation for such a special person in your life.
After searching for statement jewelry that she could connect with, and failed to do so, Justine Pon created her own. Her jewelry is inspired by Asian American food, all handmade in pom pom, from Boba Tea earrings to Rice Balls and everything in between. Her jewelry is beautifully crafted and stands out from the crowd. Learn more how she married her love of crafting with her favorite foods to create The Ponnery.
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