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Meet Kate Ellis-Hill, Founder of The Disaster Gal


A few years ago we had an apartment fire. I had NO idea what to do and all instincts shut down. Heck, I didn’t even know how to use a fire extinguisher. When I met Kate Ellis-Hill, founder of The Disaster GaI, I was blown away by what she was creating. Her community of empowered and prepared individuals can handle and tackle disasters calmly, from fires to earthquakes. Learn about her amazing services and emergency kits to be more prepared for the unknown.

Breathing for Anxiety: Meet Karishma Donde, Founder of Breathwork Society

Letting go with Breathwork Society. Courtesy of Karishma Donde

A few years back I stumbled into my first breathwork class. I thought I was walking into a relaxing, light meditation session – but I left the session transformed. I was breathing with such intensity that my hands started clenching and I was brought to tears. It was truly a transformative experience, one that immediately helped me feel lighter and cleared my head and my heart. I was introduced to Karishma Donde, the founder of Breathwork Society. It’s an incredible community that curates self-care with amazing events, focusing on self-improvement using the tools of breathwork. If you’re ready to be transformed, keep reading.

The Online Fitness Community That Keeps You Motivated: Meet Claire Yanta-O’Mahoney, Founder of Fleur de Lis Fitness

I’ve joined so many pre-recorded fitness streaming platforms that I’ve abandoned them halfway through because no one is holding me accountable. Enter Fleur de Lis Fitness, an incredible online fitness community that is live. This community will hold you accountable! In addition to fitness, the community is filled with lifestyle programming and support. Learn more about Claire Yanta-O’Mahoney and how she inspires her crew.

Why True Leadership Is Responsibility

Leaders are accountable for the success and livelihoods of dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people. They should always remember this fact and never act in a cavalier fashion. The decisions they make, the actions they take, and how they carry themselves impact a large and diverse community.

How to Design an In-Company Workshop


Companies that invest in their people—especially with continued education—are the ones that see results. The right team workshop can help with this, but how do you design one?

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