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Digital Members Only: How to Start and Scale a Podcast Through Relationship Building with Sydney Weiss, Host & Producer of Seek The Joy Podcast

Event Title: Six Degrees Society Digital Members Only: How to Start and Scale a Podcast Through Relationship Building with Sydney Weiss, Host & Producer of Seek The Joy Podcast

What’s Happening?

Podcasting has emerged as a top medium for connection, promotion, awareness, and community. If you’re just getting started with your podcast, you’re likely trying to decide on the topic, podcast name, and structure of your episodes. If you’ve already launched your podcast, you’re likely trying to figure out how to grow and scale it. No matter where you’re at with podcasting, there are two key things to always come back to: your why and your relationships. 
Join this workshop to learn how to start and scale your podcast through relationship building. No matter the topic or format of your podcast, there’s an audience and an appetite for it, it’s just about finding it. We’ll cover everything from podcasting basics to develop your vision, to innovative ways to build traction and monetize your show. 
Your audience is waiting for you, and in this workshop we’ll help you get your message off the ground and into the ears of the people that need to hear it the most. Let’s turn your idea into a dream that will change lives.

Curated Matches: 
Before we sit down for our programming, each guest will engage in two curated 15 minute connection, handpicked just for them, based on bios submitted pre-event via this form: or email with a copy.

Friday, June 11, 2021 
7:30-9:30am PST/10:30am -12:30pm EST

Where: Via Zoom, Link sent morning of

Cost: FREE for Six Degrees Society members

About Sydney Weiss:

Sydney Weiss is a lawyer and the creator, host, and producer of Seek The Joy Podcast. Every week Sydney sits down with thought leaders in health, wellness, mindfulness and beyond for empowering conversations and heartfelt storytelling on all things self-love, joy, connection, empowerment and wellness.
After launching Seek The Joy Podcast in 2017 out of a desire for greater connection and community, Sydney has produced over 200 episodes with hundreds of thousands of downloads in over 75 countries. The secret to her success? Relationship building.
Sydney’s greatest mission is to uplift and empower others to find their authentic voice, encourage them to step into their vulnerability and courage, all to seek their joy and bring about a greater world. Through Seek The Joy, she’s been able to do just that. Inspired by our ongoing journey toward growth, empowerment, and self-love, every episode offers a fresh perspective, “aha!” moments, laughs, and stories and wisdom that will stick with you throughout the week.

Featured in BuzzFeed’s “27 Podcasts You Need To Start Listening to in 2018”, Winner “Best Podcast” at the 2019 New Media Film Festival, and Finalist “People’s Choice” 2019 Discover Pod Awards.

In 2020, Sydney launched Stories of Inspiring Joy, a podcast dedicated to sharing your stories, in your words. There is real power in storytelling, and when we come together around shared love, loss, laughter, joy and vulnerability, we build connection, create inspiration, and come together in community. We all have a story to share and a voice that is meant to be heard, and we want to share yours.


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Friday, June 11, 2021
7:30 am PST / 10:30 am EST


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