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April 28, 2021

How to spread positivity at work

When you’re knee-deep in projects and meetings with nary a coffee break in sight, optimism is easy to mock. What’s it matter if you have some mystical “power of positive thinking” when it doesn’t change the work on your plate?

The truth is, positivity can be a powerful tool. Whether you’re dreaming of leaving your 9-to-5 or you’re thriving in a job you love, a little positivity goes a long way. In fact, positivity can lower stress, boost cognition, and even lengthen your lifespan. And if those benefits work for you, imagine what might happen if you spread positivity across your office! It’s easier than you might think, and the resulting effects are great for both you and your team.

Use the Right Words

Words have power, which is why positivity can take root even in simple communication. From workplace memos to one-on-one feedback, positive and constructive statements can be much more effective than critical or negative ones. Work to spread optimism for a better impact!

Celebrate Wins and Milestones

Whether you’ve just passed a company milestone or someone on your team pulled off a major win, make sure you take time to celebrate! Creating a supportive culture that lifts people up can encourage, inspire, and motivate your team in the long run.

Get Moving

We’ve all heard the studies that taking breaks is good for our physical and mental health—but how well does your office focus on this? Find opportunities to get your team moving, from team desk exercises to walking meetings to company fun-runs. 

Prioritize Wellness

It’s hard to be positive in an environment that prioritizes hard work over health. Consider how your organization supports its people on a physical and mental level to increase overall happiness. From employee wellness plans to discussions on work-life balance, do what you can to make sure wellness is a point of focus.

Cultivate Relationships

Workplace relationships are a huge factor when it comes to office productivity. Organizations that offer social opportunities to cultivate relationships, from happy hour to office clubs to team building activities, can keep people engaged and satisfied with their company.

Develop Skills

Whether your team wants to develop a skill set for their long-term career or simply learn for the sake of learning, ongoing education can be a major mood booster. Do what you can to take on new training and encourage others to do the same, from signing up for webinars to starting a mentorship program. We have plenty of ideas to help with this!

Focus on Your Mission

You’d be surprised how much an organization’s mission matters to its employees. People whose values and personal mission align with the company’s goals feel more satisfied and positive, so it can help to iron out company strategies with the team in mind—and even with the team’s input! 

These ideas may seem simple, but they’re at the foundation of any team’s positivity levels. If your aim is to spread more optimism within your organization, this is where to start. 

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