October 9, 2020

Mindset Matters: Meet Celeste Harrington, The Mindset Maven

By Emily Merrell 

It’s easy to complain about a job and play the victim. But what if it’s not your situation that needs changing, but it’s you? Celeste Harrington was on the brink of burnout when she took a look at her life and realized it needed some framing. Learn more about her journey and how you can put mind over matter. 

Wellbeing & Life Coach Celeste Harrington. Courtesy of Haley Arrington.

SDS: So many people are “over” their jobs – but is it just a mindset issue? Can you show us what a reframe would be? 

CELESTE HARRINGTON: Absolutely – people get uninspired, burnt out and just bored. But all of those feelings stem from our thinking. It’s so easy to blame our job, company or boss but it’s really our responsibility to manage our feelings and growth. Instead of reframing, I recommend evaluating your current thinking. What are your thoughts about your job? Your boss? Your company? Are those thoughts useful or serving you? Our thoughts are so powerful, start there. 

Once you know where you stand, make a list of things you do like about your job. Maybe it’s only one thing, but focus on that, and slowly, the list will grow. This shift isn’t going to happen overnight. It takes time to reframe our thinking. It all starts with finding evidence to prove our thoughts true. Just know that if you’re craving growth, each interaction is a chance to learn something new. 

SDS: What was your journey to become a mindset coach? 

CH: I’ve always thought of myself as a coach and educator. I taught women’s group fitness and sex ed classes – I was even a personal trainer for awhile. Most of my work in the past was action based. After trying to act my way out of burnout, I knew something wasn’t working. So I studied mindset and thought work, applied these teachings to myself and now my clients. I now know that actions start with our thoughts. We can’t take positive action from a negative mindset. 

SDS: Burnout is a huge part of your story in becoming a coach. What are the signs of burnout you recommend individuals look out for? 

CH: Crying! Haha but really, for me, I’m not a big crier so if I’m on the brink of burnout, tears will start flowing. But everyone is different and emotions feel different to each of us. If you’re experiencing burnout, allow the feeling to exist, invite it in. Don’t avoid it. Just describe how it feels in your body so you can recognize it in the future. 

Celeste Harrington. Courtesy of Haley Arrington.

SDS: What is one of the greatest transformations people have had once they’ve changed their mindset? 

CH: So many amazing transformations! People come to me thinking they are going to quit their jobs if something doesn’t change. The beauty of this work is that nothing has to change but your brain! So the transformation is from within but it radiates and touches every aspect of my clients’ lives. Their first sessions are all about work – and then all of a sudden they are no longer jealous of their partner’s ex-girlfriend. My clients set better boundaries, feel more authentic and centered, feel less guilt and fear and are more passionate and determined. They have more trust and confidence in themselves. 

SDS: We’ve been told since we were little that if we change our mindset we can do anything. At what point in life do you find we let outside factors influence our lives more than mindset? 

CH: This is so true. You can accomplish anything you want. You just need to have the right thought to get you there. I think it starts pretty young to be honest, maybe in middle school, or even younger when we start to start to consider what other people think of us. This is when we modify our behavior to try and please other people, relying on others to make us happy. When we do this, we stop considering what we think of ourselves and we spend so much time and energy worrying when we could use that time chasing our dreams. 

SDS: What’s next for Celeste Harrington? What can we expect to see from you in the next few years? 

CH: Gosh, I wish I had a crystal ball! Right now, I’m focusing on re-launching my signature group coaching program. It’s going to be HUGE next year. I’m accepting twice the number of professionals into the program. In 2022, I hope to have rolling enrollment. I want professionals in high intensity jobs (healthcare and tech) to know that they aren’t stuck. Growth, leadership and confidence already exist within them, we just need to retrain our brains to understand that.

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