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Today’s guest is Eliza Blank, founder, and CEO of The Sill, a digitally native direct-to-consumer houseplant brand. She explains how she started, got investors, and navigated through motherhood and a plant parenthood business simultaneously.
Today’s guest is a one-woman band. Sydney Weiss created, produces, interviews, edits, and posts her podcast, Seek The Joy Podcast, while also being a lawyer.
Today’s guest is Amanda Armstrong, founder of Rise As We, a space where women can take care of their bodies and minds. Amanda created different programs and a supportive community to address both mental and physical health.
Today’s guest is Laura Lee Botsacos, founder of Apollo & Artemis Beauty by Equality, a company that cares for people and the environment. Laura shares all the processes in a very male-dominated workplace that led her to start her own business, and what she learned throughout it.
Today’s guest is Tiffany Cheung, Social Media Coach who had her life incredibly change twice in the last year. She teaches us how to use social media in a better way and how to change your preconceptions about life and businesses.
Today’s guest is Jacqueline V. Twillie, Founder and President of, a firm specialized in helping women get leadership positions. Jacqueline is an expert in negotiation and she shares her knowledge with us.
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