Audrey Gerber is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach helping women to fix their PMS naturally.
Christina Vanvuren, Director of Marketing at Innsena, a healthcare communications agency, tells her personal journey and the conditions of women healthcare nowadays.
Emily is going to debunk some of the "shoulds" of entrepreneurship that she experienced, so you can skip those mistakes and focus on what you want to build without comparing yourself to others.
Karishma Donde is a Breathwork Coach who works with the chakras, spirit, and breath to clear the mind and help unlock your limitless potential.
Brooke Dumas created Brooke Dumas Retreats to help entrepreneurs to host their own events and retreats without feeling overwhelmed.
Jade Rivera is an intuitive tarot card reader, author, educator, and coach. Without necessarily predicting the future, she seeks to guide and help anyone in search of spiritual and philosophical advice.
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