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Time to Reclaim Your Body and Your Mind

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Most people treat their body and mind like two separate things. Amanda Armstrong discovered that this approach didn’t help her, and she found out that several clients that reached out to her to work out also needed a safe space for their minds. That’s why she created Rise As We, a safe place for women who want to address their mental and physical health as one. She developed programs to take care of the different needs that she and other women had: from struggling with depression and anxiety to postpartum activities in an environment free of the toxicity that other workout places can have.


  • Amanda tells her story, from kinesiologist graduate that worked at Google, to founder of Rise As We. Her studies led her to think how to address mental health through a non-traditional form.
  • My ‘me’ time. Working at Google, Amanda learned that even the people that we might consider as successful have their own struggles. She developed a space where not only they could do some physical workout, but also where they could stop worrying about work & family responsibilities and focus on themselves.
  • We need to train our brains in a new way. Our brains are always ready to judge ourselves in the most negative way, for anything that we have done or even thought. For Amanda, everyone goes through this, but you can learn to not let it affect you.
  • Amanda created the different programs of Rise As We thinking of what she needed at different times of her life, addressing physical and mental health at the same time. Mental health looks different for everybody, and this is another option available for those who need it.
  • Amanda highlights what the anxiety or depression looks like or feels like, for anyone that might be having a hard time trying to figure out what they are going through. There is a solution, reach out.

To learn more about Amanda, follow her on Instagram or visit her website

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