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Becoming an Entreprenista with Stephanie Cartin

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Episode 53  – The Sixth Degree with Emily Merrell – Entrepreneur

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While it seems like everyone is recently becoming an entrepreneur, Stephanie Cartin, co-founder of SocialFly, has been leading the way in entrepreneurship before entrepreneurship was a movement. She’s so passionate about entrepreneurship in fact that she created a whole community and podcast around the Entreprenista, spotlighting the secrets of running a successful company from women who have done it before. 

In this episode we learn how an opportunity in the marketplace led to the creation of her business SocialFly and that the dream of a Time Square Billboard is more attainable than you’d think. 

Stephanie Cartin is an entrepreneur from the early days. She’s the co-founder SocialFly, social-first digital and influencer agency, and Entreprenista, a podcast and community to share the secret of the women in business.

Here’s what you’ll learn: 

  • Stephanie’s journey to co-found her agency, SocialFly, with Courtney Spritzer, their first book about social media, and the launch of Entreprenista, a podcast and community for female entrepreneurs.
  • How they managed to be featured in a big TV show, and later accomplish the dream of being on a Time Square Billboard. Stephanie shares her advice and what she learned from those experiences. 
  • The early days of social media. Stephanie realized back then that social media platforms will bring new marketing possibilities, and how important it would be to have a strategy around them. 
  • Thinking in terms of collaboration instead of competition. That perspective allowed them to build their agency and established a community, and it can help you in your business too.
  • The possibility to manage your company in a way that works for you and your needs. Stephanie figured out what she wanted and needed in her personal life, and how to adapt her business to fit into that plan.

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