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Finding the Joy of Making Your Podcast

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At a very specific moment in her life, Sydney Weiss knew that she needed to make a change in the way that she viewed herself and the way she connected with others. From that necessity, Seek The Joy Podcast was born. The show is about to reach 200 episodes now, and instead of doing it to promote herself, she uses it to help others and create a community. Sydney produces, interviews, edits, and publishes her podcast, and she’s also a full-time lawyer. How does she manage to do it all? And what advice can she give to someone who wants to start their podcast? Let’s find out.


  • What makes you seek the joy? Sydney tells us about the beginnings of the show, when she was trying to pass her Bar Exam to be a lawyer, and failed to do so.
  • Sydney started her podcast to serve others, instead of doing it as a companion to her own business. Her main topics are the ones that she is interested in, and she thinks about how that information can help her audience.
  • Podcasts are a great way to connect with people. Sydney defines podcasts as a way to build relationships with your guests and with your audience, and what you share in that platform should be serving those relationships.
  • How can you do it all? The secret for Sydney is time management and planning the productions. Sydney created a rhythm and schedule that work for her. It was a process of trial and error, but it was necessary to evolve and find her way.
  • How to start a podcast? Although there are many resources and guides available, Sydney recommends you to figure out first why you want to start a podcast, what do you want to talk about. Is it going to be like a friends’ conversation? Be honest about how much you can handle at the beginning, don’t be afraid to start small, and let yourself grow from that. It won’t be perfect, but you will learn and evolve along the way.
  • An accidental entrepreneur: Sydney received so many questions about podcasts, she decided to create a podcast consulting, where she helps others to develop their shows. 

You can follow Sydney on Instagram, visit Seek The Joy Podcast’s website or listen to it on Spotify or Apple Podcast. Seek The Joy Summit is April 10th at 10 am PT, read all about it!

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