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Wine with Heather Rader - The Sixth Degree with Emily Merrell

Women, Wine and Worth with Heather Rader from Spirit Horse Vineyards

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Women, Wine and Worth with Heather Rader from Spirit Horse Vineyards

Episode 52 – The Sixth Degree with Emily Merrell – Wine

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Women and wine don’t typically belong in the same sentence. That’s because the wine industry is dominated predominantly by men from winery owners with only 3% women wine owners to winemakers with 10% being women. Portland based Heather Rader, Founder of Spirit Horse Vineyards is changing how wine is done. She’s taking the reins on how wine and using the catalyst of connection to change the world. Sales from Spirit Horse Vineyards help provide equine horse therapy to children in need along with mentorship to foster girls. 

In this episode, we talk about the challenges that come from being a woman in the male-dominated wine industry, how Heather broke into the industry with no previous experience and how to nurture a community to support your business. 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Only 3% of wineries are women-owned. What are they doing to change the business?
  • Why Heather decided to leave her job in corporate and open her own winery
  • The business approach that Heather developed, focused on giving back to the community and connecting with their members.
  • About SpiritHorse Riding Center, the ranch supported by Heather and her winery, its mission to save horses, and the social program to help young girls in the foster care system. 
  • The activities, both in-person and virtual, that Heather has for the members of her wine club, with the idea to share a good time and a good wine, and to maintain a sense of community and connection.
  • Are you new to wine? For those who don’t know much about or feel intimidated by wines, and for those who want to start their own business, Heather shares some advice and knowledge from her personal experience.

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