Renter’s Insurance That Makes Sense: Meet Chris Lotz, Co-Founder of Goodcover


By Emily Merrell Have you ever googled “What renter’s insurance should I buy?” and felt overwhelmed on where to even begin? If you don’t have renter’s insurance, keep reading and get ready to purchase ASAP. After suffering a terrible apartment fire in 2019, I’ve been a huge advocate for those who don’t yet have coverage … Read more

The Matchmaking (Not Dating!) App: Meet Emily Smith, Founder of Chorus


By Emily Merrell I’ve always wanted to do the swiping for my friends on apps. It’s much more fun thinking of potential reasons why my best friend needs to meet this guy versus doing the swiping for yourself. Enter Chorus, an app that lets you make matches for your friends. Learn more below on why … Read more

We Found A Protein Bar That Tastes Good: Meet Dr. Adrienne Youdim, Internist and Founder of Dehl Nutrition


By Emily Merrell Dr. Adrienne Youdim walked into a LA event we hosted and immediately I thought, “I want to be this woman.” She was dressed in such a chic way, her hair and makeup was immaculate and her demeanor was warm and inviting. As luck would have it, I was matched with her! I … Read more

The Mystic Healer: Meet Christine Lu Singh of High Impact Healing


By Emily Merrell Christine is someone that has been exploring her spiritual side over the last few years. Yet in the past few years she’s taken her love of spirituality to the next level becoming certified in breathwork training, delving deeper into understanding crystals and founding High Impact Healing with other healers. This SF based … Read more

Special Moments on Film: Meet Jodee Debes, The Jet-Setting Photographer


By Emily Merrell  The moment I met Jodee, I knew we were kindred spirits. Jodee is filled with boundless energy and curiosity for the world’s stories. It’s no wonder that she’s constantly snapping photos that speak volumes. She has a way of making a photo shoot fun and intimate. She’s also  able to turn someone … Read more

The Business & Vacation Strategist: Meet Louiza Megan, Founder of The School of Audacity


By Emily Merrell  How many times have you been on vacation and spent more time answering work emails than actually disconnecting? I’ve been there. I’d often need a vacation from a vacation because I needed time to regroup from my half “on vacation” mode and half “still working” mentality. I was burned out.  It wasn’t … Read more

How To Redesign Your Home Office & Increase Focus


By Tina Martin Whether you work full-time from home or just need a space to tie up loose ends, a place where you can focus is a must. If you’re thinking about creating a designated office space — whether remodeling, converting or buying — here are a few design ideas to keep in mind. Separate … Read more

Oils For Your Face & Body: Meet Alana and Maddie Alper, Founders of Alper Oils


By Emily Merrell The first time someone told me to try oils on my face, I just laughed. As a child with oily skin, putting more oil on seemed pretty counterintuitive. Yet, rather than dismissing the idea entirely, I leaned in and tried it. It started out with chia seed oils, then argan oils and … Read more

The Sustainability Concierge: Meet Friday Apaliski, The Go Green Concierge


By Emily Merrell On a scale of 1-10, how sustainable are you? If you paused to reflect on what that word means, you need to meet Friday Apaliski. Friday is a Sustainability Concierge. She combs your home to help you  make a more sustainable life plan. Learn more below on how you can take specific … Read more

4 Steps To Creating Self-Care Habits That Actually Stick


By Kristin DeCou Many of us love the idea of self-care. We focus on it for a few days, renewing our desire to take time for ourselves. Then, before we know it, life gets in the way. Self-care is more than just getting a mani-pedi or booking that single massage. Self-care is about becoming the … Read more

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