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April 7, 2021

Top 10 most successful businesses to start 2021

The pandemic has revolutionized life as we know it—and whether we like it or not, that includes the world of business.

If you’re considering ideas for a new business, it’s more important than ever to take the “new normal” into account. COVID-19 has redefined consumers’ needs for 2021 and beyond, so anyone launching a new brand should consider the types of companies most likely to see success in today’s market.

Wondering which businesses are most likely to be profitable this year? Here are the top ten successful businesses to consider.


If you have a background in a specific niche, from HR to business to communications, you might find your services in high demand as a consultant. With the ability to meet clients virtually or in person, you’ll have a lot of freedom to decide how involved you want to become in their brands.

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes have taken off in a big way, and their growth is predicted to continue in the years to come. If you have an idea for a high-demand subscription box and can market your products in this growing industry, you’ll have a business that takes off in no time!

App Development

Most people believe you need a strong coding background to become an app developer, but that doesn’t mean years of schooling. Many of the skills you’ll need can be learned in your spare time, and there are now plenty of affordable tools to make your work easier.

Virtual Tutoring

Online tutoring was booming even before the pandemic, but virtual teachers are in higher demand than ever. If you have expertise in a specific school subject—especially high-level STEM coursework or test prep—virtual tutoring may be the perfect business for you.


Most individuals and businesses need extra support when it comes to their taxes, cash flow, and investments. If you know your way around standard bookkeeping software and you’re willing to ramp up your accounting knowledge with a little schooling, this could be the right job for you.

Courier Services

Courier services can be a great way to get you up and moving and get a little more money in your pockets. Of course, these businesses are easier to start in more populated areas, especially if you can focus on the downtown core of your city.

Cleaning Services

With most of us focused on cleanliness in today’s global crisis, cleaning services are a safe bet for a new business idea. Plus, with very little overhead, this type of business is an easy one to jump into.

Graphic Design

Are you skilled with a pencil, digital or otherwise? If so, graphic design may be the place for you to get started. Get some experience with industry tools like Publisher or Adobe Creative Suite and make your mark with logo and design services!

Personal Trainer

Most of us are more successful when someone holds us accountable for our fitness goals, even when we have more free time during a lockdown. Becoming a personal trainer can help you assist clients with their health and fitness, whether you meet in person or online.


With a low startup cost and a great deal of freedom in terms of content, blogging can be a great way to write about what you love while making some extra money—and the right marketing can make it into a high-paying full-time gig.

Instead of jumping into a traditional retail business or restaurant, considering the more 2021-friendly ideas above may help you see more success for your new brand. And to see even more success—and profits—don’t forget to consider your business process management as you weigh your options!


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