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April 15, 2021

What do Stress, Depression and Community Have in Common? Meet Amanda Armstrong Founder of Rise As We

By Emily Merrell

Anxiety and depression are often the hardest things to treat. Our society offers lasting over-the-counter relief and solutions in the shape of a pill. Enter Amanda Armstrong, the founder of the Rise As We community with programs dedicated to support anxiety and depression. Amanda’s community is vibrant – it helps women through challenging times in their lives and ultimately supports them with more community after they’ve graduated. Learn more about Amanda’s personalized offerings and what makes Rise As We so special.

Amanda Armstrong, founder of Rise As We. Courtesy of @davissmithphoto.
Amanda Armstrong, founder of Rise As We. Courtesy of @davissmithphoto.

SDS: What is Rise As We, and how can people get involved? 

AMANDA ARMSTRONG: Rise As We is a women’s mental and physical health space helping women reconnect to their bodies, rewire their minds and reclaim their lives through various coaching programs. Our programs give mental and physical health an equal seat at the table. We incorporate research based lifestyle design, mindfulness, behavior change, nervous system healing and brain-based coaching tools. 

One of our primary offerings works with women 1:1 to help them understand their unique anxiety or depression. Mental health looks different for everyone, so should the solution. This program empowers women to better understand the root cause of THEIR anxiety or depression and learn exactly what they can do about it with a personalized lifestyle prescription. 

SDS: Rise As We is like a one stop shop for your mind, body and soul— what inspired you to create such an extraordinary offering? 

AA: I created the programs that I desperately needed during different times in my life, but couldn’t find.

SDS: I know it’s like asking you to pick a favorite child, but do you have a favorite offering of Rise As We? If so, why?

AA: I just can’t. I can’t. Ok, I have two. Our life coaching program is so incredibly intimate and special – the community aspect of being on a group coaching call with women who are committed to showing up for themselves and each other is the most incredible thing in the world and to be able to lead them in that work is such an honor. 

And then of course our 1:1 Anxiety and Depression coaching program – this program truly saves lives. When one of our women started the program she was having daily anxiety attacks; three weeks into the program they were only happening weekly. Week seven was the last one she had. It’s the most incredible thing to be a part of that healing and empowering journey, to stand by and see a woman go from feeling hopeless to in control of her life again – it’s the best thing.

A little inspiration goes a long way! Courtesy of @davissmithphoto.
A little inspiration goes a long way! Courtesy of @davissmithphoto.

SDS: Asking for help around mental health is still such a taboo in America— how do you see Rise as We changing the way we talk about it? 

AA: Simply by talking about it we begin to break the stigma. Talk about it, admit to struggling with it, educate the masses about how common it actually is and why it is so common. It’s only taboo because we keep people in the dark as to why so many people are struggling in the first place. It doesn’t have to be such a mystery. Take a broken arm for instance (not taboo, no stigma) because there’s clarity around it. You fell out of a tree, broke your arm, it’s physical, you go to the doctor, get a cast, go to physical therapy, boom: you’re mostly or fully healed. 

There’s so much misinformation and mystery around mental health, in part because there is still a lot we don’t know but THERE IS SO MUCH that we do know but that information is buried in academic journals and confusing science terms. Our programs teach women exactly what’s happening in their brain, why it’s happening and what they can do about it. I believe education leads to empowerment which enables us to be advocates for ourselves and others – therefore breaking the stigma.

SDS: You are also a new mom! As a new mom, what is something you wish you had known before you became a mom (you can talk about your Pelvic Floor Offering).

AA: Oh so much! Like I mentioned above, all my courses have stemmed from something I desperately needed but couldn’t find. The birth of my son ended up as an unplanned C-section. The hospital sent me home with two sentences about how to recover from MAJOR ABDOMINAL SURGERY – like WTF? So, by the time I was 5 months postpartum I had collaborated with a pelvic floor therapist to create and launch a core and pelvic floor course that includes a C-section recovery guide. 

Almost 25% of all births in the US end up as C-sections, why are we sending home MILLIONS of new moms with no protocol for recovery? So, I’m fixing that. Then there’s the mental health side of pregnancy and postpartum. I haven’t actually talked about it publicly yet but I’m currently collaborating with an RN to create an incredible and comprehensive maternity course that’ll include meditations, workouts, education for each trimester, mental health resources, labor and delivery tools and more. It will literally be everything a woman needs to feel fully seen and supported mentally, physically and spiritually throughout this entire journey.

SDS: Lastly, how can we find out more about what you’re building and is there anything coming up that you’d like to share? 

AA: Kinda jumped the gun on this question above. My Instagram (@amandaontherise) is a great place to keep up with any new programs or offerings and to get glimpses into the relatable chaos of my everyday life as a mom and entrepreneur. My website ( is another great hub of information! Also, check out my podcast interview with Six Degrees Society here on reclaiming your body and mind.

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